Warriors of the Forest

WotF is set before Erin Hunter's Warriors series.
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 Battle Tutorial

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PostSubject: Battle Tutorial   Battle Tutorial EmptyTue Jun 30, 2015 12:42 pm

On Warriors of the Forest, we have a simple system in place designed to resolve fights between characters in the most fair and fun way possible. This tutorial is meant to help all those new (and not-so-new) members learn how to use it and to avoid further confusion and frustration. If you still have questions after reading through this guide, don't be afraid to ask the staff or a senior member for help. The system is only effective as long as everyone understands how to use it.

Necessary Links
Battle System
Rank System
Battling Rules

The Basics
The first thing to understand about the battle system is ranks, and how they play into the system. The damage each move inflicts varies from rank to rank and certain ranks are restricted to a certain moveset. As your cat grows older and more experienced, they learn more moves and deal more damage. Your HP (health points) and SP (stamina points) depend on your rank as well. For example, an apprentice has 20 HP and 80 SP, while a young warrior has 45 HP and 160 SP.

The Moves
There are a total of 33 moves in the Battle System, not including those used by foxes and badgers. Some of them deal more damage, while others have special effects and certain conditions, while others simply use less SP. Every move does a different amount of damage depending on your rank, and every move takes up a certain amount of energy ― or stamina points. We'll be covering the different types of moves below.

Vanilla Moves
Or just "normal moves." These moves don't have any special effects, conditions, or requirements. They're the most basic moves and are only used for inflicting damage.

Front Paw Blow
Killing Bite
Double Death Bite
Front Paw Strike
Belly Rake
Rear-up to Slash
Upright Front Paws
Half-Turn Belly Rake
Jumping Strikes

Special Moves
These moves have special effects, conditions, and requirements. They're used for doing extra along with damage.

Killing Bite
Double Death Bite

Tail Yank
Back Kick
Play Dead
Teeth Grip
Scruff Shake
Upright Lock
Unbalancing Act

Clan Moves
These moves can only be used by the cat in that clan. Ex: RiverClan cats can only use their clan move in certain areas.

ThunderClan: For ThunderClan cats only.

Lightning Strike
Tree Spring

Shadowclan: For Shadowclan cats only

Night Ambush
Mud Slap

RiverClan: For RiverClan cats only

Water Rocket
Splash and Blind
Underwater Push-off
Underwater Clinch

WindClan: For WindClan cats only

Rabbit Run
Whirlwind Rush
Swift Strike

SkyClan: For SkyClan cats only

Leaping Bound

Non-Cat Moves
Moves used by badgers and foxes. Cannot be used by cats.

Iron Bite
Heavy Blow

Roll Dice
Some moves require "Roll Dice" When replying in a topic, go to the "Post Reply" button. The "Post Reply" button is found above the topic-starter's post.

When you are at your reply page, type your character attacking another person's character, and scroll to the bottom. Here, you will find a tab that says Regular Dice Roll. You will only need one dice roll for each character, which is what the smaller white box with a '1' in it is for. After this, click either 'Big Dice', 'Regular Dice', or 'Small Dice' in the larger white box. You repeat the process of the dice-roll as many times as you have cats who need a dice-roll.

A post by an administrator or moderator will appear after your post, showing your result for the dice.

Battling Rules
Please go here for the rules of combat.

Contact an admin or mod if the tutorial does not make sense, need something explained, or if you see a possible mistake.
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Battle Tutorial
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