Warriors of the Forest

WotF is set before Erin Hunter's Warriors series.
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 Battle System

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On Warriors of the Forest, we have a certain way of going about fighting.

There is a chart full of the moves below.
-The amount of damage the moves do differs from rank-to-rank. The higher your rank, the more damage your attacks do.
-Moves can only be used once you reach a certain rank. You can use all the moves your rank has and from past ranks.
-Each move uses up a certain amount of your stamina points to do. Stamina costs are the same for every rank.
-Some of the moves have special effects, such as stunning your opponent or evading attacks. This is further explained below.
-A turn is every time you post. So if you are stunned for two turns, then you must post twice before you can move again.
-Stun moves cannot be used in succession.

Move Rank First Usable Stamina Cost Special Effect Description
Front paw blowKit5N/ASmash a sheathed paw across your opponent's head
Killing biteApprentice10Kills opponent. CAN ONLY BE USED WITH OPPONENT'S PERMISSION!Bite hard into your opponent's neck until you feel their life ebb away. This move is considered a shameful and dishonorable tactic.
Double death biteApprentice10Kills opponent. CAN ONLY BE USED WITH OPPONENT'S PERMISSION!You and a partner sneak up on a cat that is unfocused. Bite down on the opponent's neck until their life has ebbed away. This move is considered a shameful and dishonorable tactic.
Front paw strikeApprentice10N/ASlash at your opponent with unsheathed claws.
Belly rakeApprentice10N/ASlash at your opponent's soft, exposed underbelly with unsheathed claws.
Leap-and-holdApprentice10You can't be hurt while using this move. Damage inflicted each turn move is in effect.
-Roll one "Effect Dice" -
1,2,3 work for one turn.
4,5,6 work for two turns.
Spring onto your opponent's back while raking their back with unsheathed claws.
Run-and-TackleApprentice10Will do +5 extra damage to a cat who is not focused on you. Charge at your opponent with full force and send them flying toward the ground.
Tail YankApprentice10Stuns opponent for one turn.Bite down hard on your opponent's tail and pull sharply to knock them off balance.
Back kickNewly Appointed Warrior15Usable only on a cat that's not focused on you.Kick at distracted opponent with hind legs.
Play deadNewly Appointed Warrior15Usable only if your HP is at half or less.Get out of a tight situation by going limp under your opponent's paws. When they relax, leap up and lash out explosively.
Rear-up to SlashNewly Appointed Warrior15N/ARear up on your hind legs and slash wildly before coming back down.
Teeth gripYoung Warrior20Can only be hurt by Front
Paw moves. Damage inflicted each
turn move is in effect.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, works for one turn.
3, 4, works for two turns.
5, 6, works for three turns.
Bite down hard on your opponent's scruff, tail, leg, or ear, and don't let go. While you have leverage, slash at them with your front paws.
Upright front pawsYoung Warrior20N/APummel your opponent's face with both paws while rearing up on your hind legs.
Half-Turn Belly RakeYoung Warrior20N/ATurn over and slide under your opponent to rake at their soft underbelly before scrambling back up.
Jumping StrikesYoung Warrior20N/ALeap at a distant opponent with paws outstretched and bowl them over.
Scruff ShakeWarrior25Stuns opponent, roll to
see for how many turns.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, 3, stunned for one turn.
4, 5, 6, stunned for two turns.
Grab onto your opponent's scruff and shake them violently. It will leave an older cat dazed, but it will snap a kit's neck.
Upright LockWarrior25Usable only if opponent's HP is half or less.Rear up on your hind legs and bring both paws down on your weakened opponent's head.
Unbalancing ActWarrior25Cancels the effects of Upright Lock.When your opponent is rearing up to use Upright Lock, roll toward their hind paws to unbalance them.
Duck-and-TwistWarrior25Cancels the effects of Leap-and-Hold and Teeth Grip.When your opponent has you gripped, roll over and back onto your paws to throw them off.

Partner Fighting
Warrior25N/AFight side by side with a warrior of your Clan, completely in sync of each other.
Damage Done by Each Rank:

Front paw blow1012141517192023
Front paw strike-14161719212226
Belly rake-15171820222328
Tail Yank-10111314151718
Back kick--181921232426
Play dead--181921232425
Rear-up to Slash--171921222528
Teeth grip---1618202124
Upright front paws---1921232425
Half-Turn Belly Rake---1921232425
Jumping Strikes---1820222324
Scruff Shake----13151618
Upright Lock----22242528
Unbalancing Act----13151618
*Kittypets use the Kit damage and moves.
**Medicine cats, their apprentices, and elders use the Apprentice damage and moves.
***Queens and Rogues use the Young Warrior damage and moves.

Non-Cat Moves

Iron BiteFoxes & Badgers 35
Heavy BlowBadgers 30

Clan Only Moves

NameClanWhere can it be used?What does it do?Stamina
Lightning StrikeThunderClanFourtrees and ThunderClan territory.Feign retreat, then zoom out of the bushes at full force.35
Tree SpringThunderClanFourtrees, ThunderClan territory, and former SkyClan territory.Scramble half-way up a trunk before springing off and onto the enemy.25
Night AmbushShadowClanAnywhere, but only at night.Hide in the shadows of the night and strike at full force; the enemy will be caught off-guard in the darkness.35
Mud SlapShadowClanShadowClan territory.Slap your paws down in the mud and into the enemy's face, stunning them for one turn.25
Water RocketRiverClanThe River and RiverClan territory.Corner your opponent, driving them into ankle-deep water. Pretend to be weak and vulnerable after a little bit, and let the enemy attack you. Once they pin you down and attempt to drown you, burst upward with explosive strength and speed. Take advantage of the enemy and pin them down. 35
Splash and BlindRiverClanThe River and RiverClan territory.Working in pairs, drive the opponent close to a body of water. One of you floats into the water just beyond paw's reach, and taunt them until they get frustrated. When they attempt to move closer, splash water into their face. Your partner will push the enemy into the water, giving you time to scramble away. Your opponent will be stunned for a turn.25
Underwater Push-OffRiverClanThe River and RiverClan territory.Crouch in the water, then lash out and drag your opponent or knock them off balance into the water.35
Underwater ClinchRiverClanThe River and RiverClan territory.Grab your enemy and push their head underwater. Hold them down and wrench them back into the air. This will stun the opponent for one turn.25
Rabbit RunWindClanWindClan territory.This move requires great speed and less strength. If a cat is chasing you and is not as lithe, outrun them. If the opponent catches up, avoid the blows like a tricky rabbit. Run through anything strong-scented, such as heather or near a thunderpath. This will throw them off-course, allowing you to attack them. 35
Whirlwind RushWindClanFourtrees and WindClan territory.Rush at your enemy at full speed and knock them to the ground. Rush past them and then proceed to dart under their bellies and push them onto their back harshly.25
Swift StrikeWindClanAnywhere.Attack normally, then strike again before the enemy can react.35 stamina
Sky DropSkyClanFourtrees, SkyClan territory, and ThunderClan territory.Balance on a branch overhead and land squarely on their back or head with claws unsheathed, pushing them to the ground.25 stamina
Leaping BoundSkyClanFourtrees, SkyClan territory, and ThunderClan territory.Leap from a high place with powerful back legs and tackle your enemy to the ground. 35 stamina

Damage Done by Each Rank

Lightning Strike-19202225272830
Tree Spring-17182124262728
Night Ambush-19202225272830
Mud Slap-15161821232426
Water Rocket-19202225272830
Splash and Blind-19202225272830
Underwater Push-Off-19202225272830
Underwater Clinch-15161821232426
Rabbit Run-45710121315
Whirlwind Rush-19202225272830
Swift Strike-45710121315
Sky Drop-18192124262729
Leaping Bound-16171922242527
*Medicine Cats, their apprentices, and elders use the Apprentice damage and moves.
**Queens and Rogues use the Young Warrior damage and moves.
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Battle System
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