Warriors of the Forest

WotF is set before Erin Hunter's Warriors series.
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 Art Contests - Tutorial and Rules

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Art Contests - Tutorial and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Art Contests - Tutorial and Rules   Art Contests - Tutorial and Rules EmptyWed Jul 29, 2015 8:54 pm

WotF Contests:

Possible Questions and Answers

What are WotF Art Contests? WotF Art Contests are fun little events where contestants sign up to enter artwork or literature (depending on the AdMod's decision) in a contest, where the AdMods pick out winners for each category.

When do contests take place? Contests take place every other month, not counting February. If an AdMod were to post a notification in June, the contest would be in July, and there would be no contest in August, only to give contestants time to prepare and members time to sign up.

When do contestants sign up to enter in a contest? If an AdMod posts a notification during the middle of a month that a contest will be taking place the upcoming month, members of WotF will be able to sign up in a reply topic. Another good opportunity to reserve spots is during February.

How many contestants are allowed per contest? A maximum of twenty, and a minimum of five.

How many entries can a contestant post during a single contest? Only one entry of either literature or artwork. Sorry, no more than that.

When do contests take place? The contests take place every month but February.

What are the categories? The categories are: 'Prettiest', 'Most Realistic', 'Cutest', 'Coolest', and 'Best Background.'

How many people can win in an entry? Since there are five categories and 20 people allowed per contest, the limit is only four people per category.

What ranks of winners get prizes? Every winner does, though the person in 1st place wins a bit more.

What does the person in 1st receive for winning? The prize is different each contest month, and is stated in the contest notification.


An AdMod will first post a notification during the middle of a month, giving site members time to sign up or get a head start on their artwork. In this topic, something like this will play out. After this is said, people are free to post their filled-out sign-up sheet in a reply.

A sign-up sheet example:

Cat you are going to draw: Rowanstar
Background? Describe it: Peaceful river running in the background.
Do you have a website that you will post your art on? Type it: Deviantart
Profile link/Username: Goldstarfan

Please note that if you do not feel comfortable posting these things and would rather save it and post it on this website instead, that is fine with me.
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Art Contests - Tutorial and Rules
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