Warriors of the Forest

WotF is set before Erin Hunter's Warriors series.
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 Phantom (for the plot)

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PostSubject: Phantom (for the plot)   Phantom (for the plot) EmptyTue Jun 09, 2015 2:58 pm

Phantom (for the plot) Phanto10
Cat Name: Phantom

Tom or She-Cat: Tom

Appearance: Jet-black tom with disturbing yellow eyes. Though he is a bit small for his age, this cat is strong and quick. He blends in well with the night, not able to be seen. 

Personality: Phantom is always calm, in a menacing sort of way. Others tend to underestimate him when he can easily tear your throat out. He is a wise speaker and merciless, alway making sure that everything is done the right way. Nobody dares to mess with him, and he is hardly ever seen by others besides his band of rouges which he calls Ghostclan. Phantom only comes out at night.

Origins: His father was a clan cat and his mother a rouge. His father killed Phantom's rouge mate when he brought her to him for a "family reunion". Phantom's mom was then killed by a clan cat and he swore revenge on all the clans.

Clan: Rouge


This is for the site plot
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom (for the plot)   Phantom (for the plot) EmptyWed Jun 10, 2015 4:18 pm

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Phantom (for the plot)
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