Warriors of the Forest

WotF is set before Erin Hunter's Warriors series.
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 Blood Moon Sign-up

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PostSubject: Blood Moon Sign-up   Blood Moon Sign-up EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 7:03 pm

Here are the cats for the Sinister Era - Blood Moon sitewide plot...


In Darkness, there are two categories... The primary and the secondary. The primary are the 'leaders' of the group, such as the leader, deputy, medicine cat and his/her apprentice, warriors/experienced warriors, respected queens, and all aged elders. Elders are thought to be wise in Darkness, queens have a certain power in the Clan, warriors/experienced warriors have battle experience, and it is clear why leaders, deputies, and medicine cats are part of this category. Now, in the secondary, kits, apprentices, new warriors, and young warriors are thought to be lower than all of the primary cats. Kits are still young, apprentices are still training, and the warrior ages that were named aren't as experienced as warriors/experienced warriors. However, some apprentices, who are deemed more mature than others, are called scouts.

Darkness Dictionary
Baron - The leading tom of Darkness.
Baroness - The baron's mate. All barons must have mates before leading the Clan. Baronesses don't perform warrior duties, they help with queens and female warriors.
Duke - A deputy who sorts out patrols and assists the baron and baroness.
Healer - A medicine cat. They have the same laws as the Clan cats do.
Healer's Apprentice - An apprentice who chooses not to take the path of a scout or a soldier.
Matriarch - The head queen of Darkness, usually the oldest or most respected.
Queen - A female cat who is caring for kits.
Elder - An old cat who is too old to move fast enough. These cats are thought to be wiser than veterans and soldiers, so they are more valuable.
Veteran - An experienced warrior who is retired to performing plain warrior duties, such as hunting and patrolling.
Soldier - A warrior. Not an experienced warrior, not a young warrior. These warriors are sent out to fight and assist scouts.
Scout - Mature apprentice who was sent out with a soldier to spy
Rookie - An apprentice who isn't a scout.
Sophomore - A young warrior. Sophomores are sent out to assist rookies with their training and hunting. Sophomores hunt as well.
Freshman - A freshman does not help with rookies, though they hunt, patrol, and take orders from primaries.
Youth - A youth is a kit. Youth play and enjoy their life, before they grow into rookies and up.

Template (Note: You can create a cat for any rank but a baron or baroness.)

[b]Cat name:[/b]
[b]Desired Rank:[/b]
[b]Cat Creation Link:[/b]

As of now, we have:
Baron - Rebel (Coal)
Baroness - Soulwillow (Coal)
Duke -
Healer -
Healer's Apprentice -
Elders (At least three) -
Veterans (At least six) -
Soldiers (At least five) -
Scouts (At least three) -
Rookies (At least four) -
Sophomores (At least three) -
Freshman (At least four) -
Youth (Any number) -
Matriarch (One) -
Queens (Any number) -

Any Clan cat is allowed to participate.
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Blood Moon Sign-up
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