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WotF is set before Erin Hunter's Warriors series.
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 The 10 Internet Commandments

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The 10 Internet Commandments  Empty
PostSubject: The 10 Internet Commandments    The 10 Internet Commandments  EmptyWed Mar 18, 2015 8:18 pm

1. Respect other members. Do unto others as you would like to be treated.
2. Swear-words are not allowed in roleplaying with your cats. Even in Random posts, you cannot pack in a swear-word in every sentence or two.
3. No spamming. It's annoying, pointless, and only wastes topic space.
4. No double posting in roleplaying topics. If you have something to say, it can be said in one post. You can always go back and edit it before another member posts. Double posts are allowed in off-topic boards and announcements.
5. Don't give out your or another person's personal information. Be safe!
6. Don't give out your or another person's password. This is to protect your account from being hacked.
7. Only have one account. One is all you need and why would you ever need another? If your account was deleted awhile ago out of in-activeness, feel free to come back. Be honest about if you had an account here before and who you were, though!
8. Only role-play as your approved cats. No extra characters outside the ones you've made creations for, unless they are being controlled as part of a prophecy, as dictated by an Administrator.
9. Don't join just to join. If you join, try to have fun!
10. The rules are the rules. Please follow them!
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The 10 Internet Commandments
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